DF single - suction multi - stage corrosion - resistant centrifugal pump Overview: DF pump is a single suction, multi - stage, section corrosion - resistant centrifugal pump, suitable for transporting corrosive liquid without solid particles. The temperature of the conveying medium is -20℃ ~ 105℃. The allowable import pressure is 0.6mpa. Parameter range: flow Q: 2 ~ 336m3/h Head H: 84 ~ 666m Model Description: DF25-50×5 "DF" -- represents a single-suction, multistage, segment corrosion resistant centrifugal pump. "25" -- represents the pump flow rate (m3/h). "50" -- represents the single-stage head (m) of the pump. "5" -- represents the series. Structural type: DF pump is installed horizontally. Except for DF155-30 pump, the suction direction of other pumps is horizontal, and the suction direction of other pumps is vertical upward. The outlet direction of all DF type pumps is vertical upward. Shaft seal is usually packed seal, mechanical seal can also be used according to user's needs. Df85-67 and DF155-67 pumps are lubricated with thin oil of sliding bearing, the rest are lubricated with rolling bearing and grease. Pump axial force in addition to DF3-40 Ⅱ pump impeller symmetrical arrangement way is used to balance, the balance disc mechanism to balance. Direction of rotation: the pump rotates clockwise when viewed from the motor end. Main parts material: the flow of the pump material is cast steel and cast stainless steel two types, the order should be based on the name of the medium, concentration, import pressure, use temperature, the corrosion degree of the material, the reasonable selection of the pump material, seal type and the structure of the pump. Range: pump and motor, base matching supply, can be equipped with a common base or its own base, the factory also provides accessories (including discharge cone pipe, gate valve, check valve) and spare parts (including impeller, sealing ring, guide vane sleeve, balance plate, shaft sleeve). When ordering, please indicate the material of the main parts. If you have special requirements on the material, structure and motor of the pump, you can negotiate with the company about the technical requirements.

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