SAP single - stage double - suction horizontal open centrifugal pump Overview: SAP type is single stage, double suction level open centrifugal pump, suitable for factories, cities, mines, power stations, farmland, water conservancy and other fields. The medium temperature is 0℃ ~ 80℃. The medium temperature is 0℃ ~ 80℃. SAP -- Single stage double suction horizontal open centrifugal pump 6 -- the divisible number of specific revolutions by 10 -- represents the change in rated speed A -- represents the first change in the outside diameter of the impeller, A, B, C... The upper part is the pump cover and the lower part is the pump body. The inlet and outlet are on the pump body below the pump axis. The center line is perpendicular to the axis. Except for the 48SAP-30 pump, which is lubricated with plain bearings and thin oil, all other pump bearings are lubricated with rolling bearings and grease, and the bearing end cover is sealed with skeleton oil seal. The shaft seal adopts soft packing seal and mechanical seal. Main parts material: the flow parts of the pump are cast iron, if the user needs, the impeller can also be made of cast steel and brass, but must be indicated in the order contract. Rotation direction of the pump: from the motor end to the pump, it is counterclockwise rotation, that is, the suction inlet is on the left, and the discharge outlet is on the right. Can also be based on user requirements to move the drive end to the other end of the pump, at this point, the direction of steering and inhalation, spit out are opposite to the above. Complete range: complete supply pump, motor and coupling. Please indicate the material of the main parts when ordering, if you have special requirements for pumps and motors, you can negotiate with the factory about the technical requirements.

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