YJG vertical single - stage single - suction centrifugal clean water pump

Overview: YJG type vertical single stage single suction vortex shell centrifugal clean water pump, YJ type pump structure improvement, suitable for large thermal power plant, mining, urban and farmland construction of water supply and drainage projects. Used to transport clean water without solid particles or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to that of clean water, the temperature of the liquid to be transported shall not exceed 50℃. Parameter range: flow Q 1.0 ~ 6.8m3/s head H 13.1 ~ 63m Ja YJG YJG44P left - 22 - vertical single-stage single-suction volute centrifugal pump type 44 - suction diameter (mm) is in addition to the 25 Numbers, namely, 44 said pump suction diameter is 1100 mm P - says changes in the structure of pump base left - from the motor to the pump, the impeller rotate clockwise, counterclockwise without mark 22 - pump than revolution is in addition to the number of J - 10 pump speed change marks A, impeller diameter change, use A, B, C... Said the impeller model difference with Ⅰ, Ⅱ... Said. Structural type: the pump is installed vertically, the suction is vertically downward and the discharge is horizontally extended. The unit is installed in the direct connection of pump and motor. The seal is a packing seal, the bearing is a rolling bearing, the axial fixation of the impeller is a huff lock ring structure, the coupling is an adjustable rigid connection, the impeller is a balanced rib structure, and the axial force is borne by the motor. Direction of rotation: From the motor to the pump, the pump rotates counterclockwise. If the pump is required to rotate clockwise, add "left" in the original model to show the difference, the performance parameters remain unchanged, such as :(YJG36 left -- ××). The major parts material: impeller: / ZG1Cr13Nil ZG0Cr13Ni4Mo ZG310-570. Seal ring: ZG2Cr13 shaft: 45 Pump housing: cast iron range: Complete supply pump, motor and base. When ordering, please specify impeller material. If you have special requirements for pumps and motors, you can negotiate with the company about technical requirements.

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