Vertical oblique flow pump Overview: TKX (S), LKX (S), LBX (S), vertical oblique flow pump, is introduced in the 1980 S the United States I - R my company the company's advanced technology and developed new products, circulation pump for large thermal and nuclear power plants, metallurgy, water supply and drainage and mining cities and farms engineering pump, used for conveying under 55 ℃ water, rainwater, wastewater and sea water. Parameter range: flow Q 0.20 ~ 25 m3/s pump H 3 ~ 60 m above the range of pump can be in our factory's test center for real pump test. Model description: 80 LKXC -- 20A 80-- discharge diameter (", i.e. 2000/25=80) L-- stands for vertical oblique flow pump, T stands for blade adjustable; K-- represents the pump rotor can be extracted, B represents the rotor can not be pumped; X-- means the pump outlet is below the base layer, while S means the pump outlet is above the base layer; C-- Design sequence of pumps; 20-- Pump design head; A-- indicates that the impeller has been cut. Structural type: the pump shaft is installed vertically, the suction inlet is vertically downward, the outlet is horizontally extended, and the rotor parts have two forms of withdrawable type and non-withdrawable type. T - type pump impeller blade Angle can be changed in the unit operation. There are two installation methods: pump and motor mounted on two base layers and pump and motor mounted on one base layer. To seal with packing. Pump suction pool has wet pit type and dry pit type two. The axial thrust of the pump is generally borne by the motor, small pump can be borne by the pump itself. The impeller is usually of one stage and can be designed as many stages as required. The pump bearing is made of rubber bearing and dragon bearing. When rubber bearing is used, the pump shaft is provided with a protective sleeve filled with clean pressure water for lubrication. Main parts material: pump shaft for high quality carbon steel. The impeller is cast iron or cast steel or stainless steel. The rest is cast iron, or steel welded. Complete range: complete supply pump, motor and base or mounting plate. Please specify the material of impeller when ordering. If you have special requirements, you can put forward specific technical requirements to the company when ordering.

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